Mark Calima – Tips for Teaching Music

Mark Calima is a successful band director who has worked hard in order to achieve the success he currently enjoys. He has developed a reputation in the area for being able to take programs to new heights. Here are some useful tips for other professionals teaching music.

Mark Calima

Mark Calima

Don’t overload your student or students at the beginning. This is especially true for educators who are teaching music to students who have very little experience. Start with the basics so that the student can master those before moving on to something more complex. The basics are easy, but they set the foundation for the rest of the student’s musical career; they must be perfected before moving on.

If you are teaching a class for a school or other program, take an inventory of all your equipment, music, and facilities. You need to familiarize yourself with what you’ll have to work with before you really get going. This will also give you the chance to see what you need more of, and to see what you have too much of. Figure out who your band or instrument dealer will be so you can request what you need.

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Keep practices short, but frequent, especially in the beginning. There will be a lot of information to digest for a student who is just starting to learn music, which means long practices will be too much to keep together. Thirty minutes twice a week should be plenty for the start of your lessons.

Mark Calima understands how students learn and understand music over time.