Mark Calima: How to Develop Effective Communication Skills

Having effective communication skills is imperative for Mark Calima’s success. As a Director of Bands at Westfield High School, it is important for him to clearly communicate to his students. Positive communication can help to increase your career opportunities and will allow you to get further in your career. Here are some things to remember as you develop your own communication skills.

Body Language

Body language is just as important as what you are saying. You want to make sure that you remain relaxed, but not so relaxed that you are slouching. In every conversation, you need to make sure to make eye contact with the people you are addressing, and nodding to acknowledge a strong point in the conversation. Avoid displaying any nervous ticks you may have and never cross your arms in front of you.

Attentiveness and Speech

You always want to speak clearly and concisely. When addressing important matters, get right to the point and be sure to ask whether they understand what you are saying and make sure you further explain any points that may be confusing.


You want to continue to practice your ability to communicate consistently by remaining available. Don’t be scared to voice any concerns or difficulties and practice communication that is open and honest.

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How to communicate effectively and appropriately is important in today’s world. Great communication skills take practice and commitment to getting better. Mark Calima is a Director of Bands in Houston, Texas and is always working on his communication skills.