Mark Calima Places His Hopes in Houston

Mark Calima chose to remain in the Houston area to practice his career; indeed, Mark Calima returned to his alma mater, the same high school, Westfield, from which he graduated with his secondary education.

Mark Calima



Mark Calima Achieves International Recognition Through Midwest International Invitation

Director of Bands Mark Calima returned to Westfield High School in Houston, Texas in the United States in 2015, where he has overseen the Westfield High School Percussion Ensemble performance in the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic of 2015, the second time Calima has directed an ensemble for this event.

Mark Calima Achieves International Recognition Through Midwest International Invitation

Mark Calima is listed in the Who’s Who Among America’s High School Teachers and has been named a campus Teacher of the Year.

Mark Calima’s life has been inextricably tied to Westfield High School in Houston, Texas, which has been both the site of his own secondary school graduation in 1997 and his subsequent successes with the Westfield HS Big Red Band as first the Associate Director and then the Director of Bands.  Calima attended Moores School of Music at the University of Houston before beginning his career in secondary music education at Bammel Middle School as Assistant Band Director before going on to the position of Associate Band Director at Westfield High School in 2005.

Mark Calima Achieves International Recognition Through Midwest International Invitation

The Moores School of Music was renamed after its benefactors John and Rebecca Moores, who presented a multimillion dollar gift in 1991 and prompted the construction of today’s music instruction facility in 1997.

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Many of the Houston area’s musical instructors and performers are Moores School graduates, an estimated 80% of which stay in Houston like Mark Calima, to live and work.

Mark Calima Returns to The Big Red Band of Westfield as Teacher

Mark Calima from Houston, Texas is a 14-year veteran of teaching.  The dedication he has practiced in his approach to his work is evidenced in the many accomplishments on his resume in connection with his work as a Director and Associate Director of Bands.  Calima began his career at Westfield High School in Houston, Texas, the former Spring High School and home of the Big Red Band which enjoys performing at its own Westfield Performing Arts Center with 1,199 permanent seats for audience members.  While at Westfield, Mark Calima was Associate Band Director, helping propel the ban to achieve previously unknown heights.

Mark Calima Returns to The Big Red Band of Westfield as Teacher

The Big Red Band was named the Grand National Champion of the 2003 Bands of America competition.  Calima also led the Westfield High School Concert Bands, which were consistently the Texas UIL Sweepstakes Award winners and Best in Class at festivals.

Mark Calima helped open the new Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock, Texas in 2010, taking the position of Director of Bands.  The Cedar Ridge High School Marching Band quickly became a regular Bands of America Regional Finalist and Caption Winner, as well as a UIL 6A State Marching Band contender.

The Cedar Ridge High School Marching Band was a BOA Grand National Finalist in 2013, along with the Cedar Ridge High School Low Brass Choir, which was invited to perform in 2013 at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago.  Cedar Ridge Concert Bands earned annual UIL Sweepstakes Awards.

Mark Calima: Top Qualities of Successful Student Leaders

As the Director of Bands at Westfield High School in Houston, Texas, Mark Calima has been helping develop student leaders for more than a decade. Through his teaching and support, he has been providing his students with the skills needed to succeed in school, college, and life.

Mark Calima: Top Qualities of Successful Student Leaders

Mark Calima: Top Qualities of Successful Student Leaders

To be a successful student leader, you have to have the following qualities.

  • You have to stay authentic, especially if you are faced with challenges. You want to always stay true to yourself and your values.
  • Always listen to others and keep an open mind. It is important to take into consideration all ideas presented as it promotes a collaborative and creative environment. You need to be able to adapt to changing situations and be comfortable handling suggestions from those around you.
  • To achieve common goals, successful leaders know when to delegate tasks. You need to know when to delegate responsibility to those around you while being willing to go above and beyond to get the work done.
  • Successful leaders always learn from their mistakes. Always be prepared for the worst and take responsibility for the outcome. You need to be able to learn from your experiences and plan for the future.
  • You have to continue to gain knowledge and improve your skills. The more you know the better you’ll be at inspiring others.

Leaders are not born, they are made through hard work and dedication. Mark Calima, Director of Bands at Westfield High School, has been helping students become successful leaders through music education.

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Mark Calima: Tips to Inspire Your Students

Mark Calima knows that being a good teacher is challenging. He has been a band director in Houston for nearly fifteen years. It has become more difficult to empower your class with all the information that is readily available online. Here are some tips to help keep your students motivated and inspired.

  1. Your students are highly motivated by you. So you want to be sure to bring excitement to your lessons and positive energy to your class.
  2. Provide opportunities for friendly competition. When students are in competition with one another, they are developing a sense of responsibility and gaining a sense of awareness.
  3. Provide your students with feedback on their performance. This allows them to keep track of their progress and stay motivated to continue their success and improve on their failures.
  4. Recognize their achievements. When you find a student that has mastered a particular skill or is excelling within the classroom, recognize those achievements. Even the smallest of acknowledgments can help inspire and motivate your students.
  5. Include technology in their learning. Kids love technology and allowing them to use it in their learning can inspire them to succeed.

Mark Calima has been inspiring his students for nearly fifteen years. Using a combination of techniques educators can show their students that learning is fun and inspire them to find success both in school and beyond.

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Mark Calima: Tips for Motivating Your Students

Mark Calima has been a music educator for more than a decade. He is dedicated to helping his students find success both in school and in life. Like many educators, there are times throughout the year when his students’ motivation starts to decline. Here are some tips to help you build your students’ motivation and help them stay focused on their success.

  1. To keep you students enthusiastic about their school work, allow them some degree of choice and control over their assignments.
  2. You have to be enthusiastic about the subject you are teaching as well as for your students. When you demonstrate your passion for a subject your students are more likely to be enthusiastic about what you are teaching.
  3. Engage your students in your lectures, activities, and class discussions, making your class a can’t miss experience.
  4. You need to clearly communicate the value of what you are teaching them and make sure to reinforce the relevance of the material.
  5. Be sure to let them know that you believe they can be successful. You need to teach them to adapt, change, and improve their own learning strategies and make sure they know you believe that it is in their grasp.

Mark Calima Tips for Motivating Your Students

Mark Calima has been motivating his music students for more than fourteen years. He has found ways to bring excitement and enthusiasm to every lesson and it has shown in the awards and accolades he has received through the course of his career.

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