World Traveller Mark Calima

Even a partial listing of the works and plaudits of High School Music Director Mark Calima of Houston, Texas in the United States demonstrates an incredible capacity for work and accomplishment in his chosen musical field of instruction.  Mark Calima is a wildly successful High School Band Director who brings awards and acclaim to his students and school.

World Traveller Mark Calima

Mark Calima of Houston, Texas in the United States has found time in a life dedicated to the musical instruction of secondary students to expand his personal horizons by pursuing his love of travel.  Mark Calima has a Filipino background, and has traveled to his family’s country of origin, the Philippines.

World Traveller Mark Calima

But Mark Calima has also compiled a formidable list of international travel, from countries including England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan, Canada, Russia, Bahamas, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Malaysia and Thailand.  Did Mark Calima study yet more musical subjects while on these travels?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps these travels acted as a pressure valve, a welcome respite from the grueling schedule of achievement which Mark Calima establishes for himself in his academic life.

Mark Calima has developed an extensive list of personal tastes and passions, perhaps honed during his extensive world travels.  A devotee of musical theater, especially from the 80’s and 90’s, it follows that Mark Calima counts among his favorite places to visit Times Square in New York City, with Las Vegas, Nevada a close second.

World Traveller Mark Calima

With his Asian heritage, it should not be too surprising that  Mark Calima favorite foods include sushi and thai dishes.

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