Adjudicator Mark Calima Evaluates Competitions

Highly successful musical instructor Mark Calima has worked to compete for awards, and to judge the same, giving him the benefit of both perspectives on field competition.  Mark Calima of Houston, Texas has extensive experience and consistent success with secondary musical performance students which has rendered him uniquely qualified in his field.

Adjudicator Mark Calima Evaluates Competitions

Mark Calima sits at the pinnacle of secondary musical instructor success in multiple schools in and around Houston, Texas, in the United States where he took his own secondary education and where he earned his Bachelor of Music Education at the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston, a cum laude graduate.

Adjudicator Mark Calima Evaluates Competitions

Despite growing up in Houston, Mark Calima is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, a son of a family from the Philippines.  Virginia Beach has long been a resort city, enjoying a humid subtropical climate which goes perfectly with its designation as the longest pleasure beach in the world.

Virginia Beach enjoys a propitious location south of northern storm paths and north of typical tropical storm tracks, which allows the area climate to support unique plants like Spanish moss, Saw Palmetto, Pindo palm, Windmill palm, Hardy Citrus and Oleander.  The area is the site of the first European settlements in the New World, and is still a magnet for immigrants.

Adjudicator Mark Calima Evaluates Competitions

Mark Calima’s family is Filipino in origin and the Filipino population of Virginia Beach in the 2010 census was 4%, reflecting a relatively large proportion of Asian immigrants as Filipino.,_Virginia


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