Mark Calima: Tips for Motivating Your Students

Mark Calima has been a music educator for more than a decade. He is dedicated to helping his students find success both in school and in life. Like many educators, there are times throughout the year when his students’ motivation starts to decline. Here are some tips to help you build your students’ motivation and help them stay focused on their success.

  1. To keep you students enthusiastic about their school work, allow them some degree of choice and control over their assignments.
  2. You have to be enthusiastic about the subject you are teaching as well as for your students. When you demonstrate your passion for a subject your students are more likely to be enthusiastic about what you are teaching.
  3. Engage your students in your lectures, activities, and class discussions, making your class a can’t miss experience.
  4. You need to clearly communicate the value of what you are teaching them and make sure to reinforce the relevance of the material.
  5. Be sure to let them know that you believe they can be successful. You need to teach them to adapt, change, and improve their own learning strategies and make sure they know you believe that it is in their grasp.

Mark Calima Tips for Motivating Your Students

Mark Calima has been motivating his music students for more than fourteen years. He has found ways to bring excitement and enthusiasm to every lesson and it has shown in the awards and accolades he has received through the course of his career.

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